About Us

Soundshine Events is a concert promoter founded in 2006 by two of Indonesia’s leading independent record labels – Aksara Records and FFWD Records. Soundshine thrives to organize events showcasing the best of contemporary musical talents from Indonesia and around the World.

The idea of establishing a concert promotion company was first conceived in late 2005, when people from Aksara and FFWD Records (two leading independent record labels in Indonesia) were preparing to organize a festival in March 2006 headlining Norwegian folk-pop duo Kings of Convenience. The origin idea was because the two wanted to offer fellow Indonesian with something new, something they haven’t heard before, but already known abroad. Hence, Soundshine Festival was born.

The festival was later named SOUNDSHINE and its success – 2000 tickets in Jakarta and 1000 tickets in Bandung were sold within days – made us realize the potential of events featuring non-mainstream, quality acts.

Soundshine Events has been known for almost four years as a new breakthrough in show-business industries. Our scene is aimed at young, hype urban people, age 18 to 35, music enthusiast, especially creative and beyond-expectation music.

Four years is considered quite young in the age of human-being, the year of learning and developing, the very first of kids go to school, and so on.  But in the year of show-business like this, four years have put Soundshine Events into one promising event-organizer in Indonesia, even one of the best among all.  Soundshine Events is committed to always bring the best of alternative yet surprising talented artists in many years to come.

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